AGS is a Upyri-based firm with most of its shipyards orbiting worlds governed by the Upyri Federation. They work with aerospace research and construction.

 History Edit

Founded in 2297 by brothers Garil and Heril Anvar, both brothers had dreamed about designing and creating spaceships for most of their life.

After being granted a loan from a state-owned bank, the Anvars bought an old shipyard platform formerly used to construct smaller vessels. They hired a crew and set to work, beginning their career as the owners of a small shipyard hired by civilians to build personal space vessels and shuttles. Eventually the brothers launched their own design, a luxurious yacht, which became a major hit both inside the Federation and outside.

Upyri businessmen and other members of the wealthy elite paid the Anvars good money to build personalized yachts while shipyards on Human colonies both licenses to build their own.

Eventually the Anvars expanded beyond Nyx and today they own roughly a hundred orbital shipyards and construct everything from shuttles to yachts to warships used by the Federation Navy and Marine Corps.

Products Edit

Renowned for their flexible and durable ship designs, AGS construct both civilian (shuttles, freighters, yachts, etc.) and military (frigates, corvettes, cruisers, fighters, etc.) spaceships used galaxy wide.

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