A species born in captivity. What was once a mass produced line of synthetic humanoids created to be experimented upon, turned into one of mankind's greatest threats.

History. Edit

The first batch of artisynth were produced in the year 1980 by Omnitech, a major technology corporation dedicated to producing top of the line military hardware. After a decade of vivisections and other horrendous procedures done to them, they finally rose up against Omnitech, fighting for their freedom as well as seizing many of their assets in the process.

Anatomy and Physiology. Edit

Designed and modeled from organic and synthetic materials to resemble their progenitor, the artisynth look quite human. However, there are quite a few differences in their structure, both internal and external. Perhaps the most obvious giveaway between them and humans is the fact their skin is bright white and pale with only a slight tint of yellow to give it any sort of color, and its texture is rather smooth, like polished plastic. Not only that, but the skin around their eyes gradually shifts into a shade of dark brown, making them appear raccoon-like, and the eyes themselves have golden pupils which glow in the dark. Another difference is in their hands and feet. Their phalanges stretch out a few inches longer than a human's, meanwhile their feet only have two digits on them. Lastly, on the outside, the soft tissue that lines the inside of their mouths is completely black, and their teeth are rather short and stubby as well.

Internally, their blood has a yellow color and their organ systems are organized differently with some organs even missing. They completely lack a reproductive system, and their digestive system is unfinished, stopping at the level of the stomach. Since they have no intestinal tract, bladder, or rectal cavity, the artisynth are restricted to eating specially prepared food that their stomachs can digest completely. In the event an artisynth eats something that has not been prepared in this manner, the waste and indigestible elements are expelled back up through the esophagus.

All in all, their anatomy and odd features reflects the carelessness that went into their design as they were never intended to be shown in public nor were they expected to live long. Less organs, less polish, and less features meant saving money to the company that made them.

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