Designed to be efficient and effective at the one goal they were intended for: to terrify, demoralize, and intimidate the enemy into complete submission and obedience. The Artisynth Mk2 are a horrifying upgrade from their predecessors, and were created at the behest of the Basij during the Third Intifada for a unit that could neutralize and subvert large amounts of people with half the required manpower. These individuals embody the sheer power and brutality of Shahanshah Firuz's rule. 

Anatomy and PhysiologyEdit

Living tissue reinforced with an endoskeleton made of a blend of metallic fibers and alloys, and covered with skin and tissue made of certain materials that allow them to change it's color, texture, and even shape at will. The Artisynth Mk2 are a step above standard Artisynth in every way. Organ structure remains the same, however the muscular system has been given additional layers of synthetic muscle made of a biometallic fiber which is able to tighten and strengthen harder than most metals. In addition, the tendons in their legs have been modified to be more flexible and allow them to jump higher and run faster. Lastly, their blood has been tampered with by chemical additions much like the Artisynth Savages, though instead of being toxic to the point of causing severe vomiting and hemoragghing if exposed to high levels of it, it causes hallucinations in those that are unfortunate enough to smell it. Externally, the aforementioned skin and tissue can change it's appearance to whatever is desired by the user, allowing it to imitate any humanoid species with nigh impeccability, whether it be Human, Upyri, or even Ayr.

All these modifications and additions make the Artisynth Mk2 the perfect killing machines, designed to break the will, mind and soul of the enemy, and then finally, break their bodies.

Role during the Third IntifadaEdit

Filling the lower ranks of the Basij-Population Control Unit, the Artisynth Mk2 are used to spread fear and terror among the insurrectionists with their gruesome, brutal methods of killing. For example; either they infiltrate insurrectionist camps and assassinate high-profile leaders before extracting without being noticed, or cause a panic among the populace by slaughtering the entire camp and leaving the butchered bodies out in the open as a warning to them and to anyone who even remotely thinks about supporting the insurrectionists.

Media Edit