Primarily an aquatic species, the Blakari have adjusted well to life on dry land. They are one of three species forming the Venblatri Consortium.

Physiology Edit

Gifted with the ability to breathe both on land and in water, the Blakari populate the many crevices and underwater canyons hidden by the vast oceans of Du.

Membrane between their toes and quick reflexes make them agile swimmers primarily relying on hunting fish. Blakari have natural resistance to underwater pressure and can also see relatively well even during the night.

History Edit

Inhabiting the oceans of Du the Blakari originally kept their distance from their Venatorian and Trilothian neighbours out of fear that the two other species would try to attack them.

Eventually they sent emissaries to the surface hoping negotiate an alliance. This alliance would later become the foundation for the Venblatri Consortium.

The Blakari are especially gifted in the fields of science, making them the brains of the Consortium.

Media Edit