Starpath: Burning Sails is the third installment of the Starpath series. Conceived by Facepunch user Infab, it begins in the year 2426, fourty-one years after the events of Starpath: Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway (and thirty-eight years after the events of Starpath: Devils of Sol.) It follows a band of pirates in the Renegade Quadrant, as they carve a bloody path in search of riches, glory, and vengeance. It is currently still in the planning stages.

Synopsis Edit

The Golden Age of Piracy is starting to wane in the new century, as the various factions and empires of the galaxy begin to clamp down on illegal activity inside the Renegade Quadrant. That isn't stopping the likes of the Blackwell Reavers, of course. Or so its leader, Valencia 'Valkyrie' Blackwell, thought. After years of playing a cat and mouse game with authorities and bounty hunters, Valkyrie finally meets her end at the hands of a former Upyri Marine named Anora Cortus. Abandoning her duties in the Upyri Federation, Anora has become a sort of vigilante, determined to exterminate any pirates or outlaws that dare to cross her path in the Renegade Quadrant. And Valkyrie becomes her newest victim.

Her mother slain, and the Guillotine (the Blackwell Reavers' capital ship and mobile base) heavily damaged, Lauren Blackwell purchases the Mordred and begins searching for a crew to help her rebuild the broken Blackwell Reavers and hunt down Anora.

Summary Edit

Prologue Edit

February 7th, 2426 - Shadespear Terminal

  • Trial by Fire

Chapter 1 - Venom Edit

Anger and hatred are useless unless focused.

  • Mission 1: Night Business
  • Mission 2: Out in the Cold
  • Mission 3: Night Diving
  • Extra Mission: Brain Stew

Chapter 2 - Passenger Edit

Mending damage takes time.

  • Mission 1: Akuma
  • Mission 2: Diabolus Ex Machina
  • Mission 3: Strife
  • Extra Mission: Free Falling

Chapter 3 - The Past That Haunts You Edit

Tend to the skeletons in your closet.

  • Karina: Anger Left Behind
  • Slade: Homecoming
  • Extra Mission: Rhythm of the Heat

Chapter 4 - No Quarter Edit

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  • Mission 1: No Love
  • Mission 2: Tainted Empire
  • Mission 3: Ten Ton Hammer
  • Extra Mission: Through Hell & Beyond

Chapter 5 - Guillotine Edit

Vengeance is best served cold.

  • Act 1 - This is the End

Black is the color of a reaver.

  • Act 2 - You Know What You Are

Red is the color of a god.

Epilogue Edit