Enslaving, burning, and pillaging, the Chagurkhai are a race of slavers living on the misery and suffering of others in the Northwestern Quadrant. Venturing outside of their system in search of slaves to support their people, they're one of the many reasons why that quadrant is a mess.

Culture Edit

Brutal and merciless towards any they deem weak, the Chagur way of life involves war and conquest as a means of stealing resources and a supply of slaves to keep their empire going as they refuse to advance their civilization on their own, believing things such as labor to be beneath them. They value strength and power above all else, and believe they themselves are the most powerful and strongest, that only they are allowed to be at the top looking down on everyone else. Anyone else is considered slave material. What makes them a threat to the rest of the quadrant, and the rest of the galaxy by extension, is that one way they obtain slaves is prey on worlds that are still developing civilization, or are still in an age of time not as advanced as they are. This was the unfortunate case for the Gozhu, as they were still developing basic flight technology.

Life as a Chagur slave is nothing but hellish, and far beyond humiliating. Slavery under the Chagur entails forced labor as well as other types of slavery if they grow fond enough. Any person made into one of their slaves receives a special brand mark on their back, detailing how they're now property of the Chagur. Slaves are frequently beaten, sometimes just for fun, and executed for even the slightest infraction against the empire or not working hard enough for them. For races that are abducted and enslaved, they don't last many generations until they die out completely due to the brutality and harshness they face under the Chagur, and the cycle begins again.

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