Dirathians are a extinct species. Little is known about them other than, presumably, that they arrived from another galaxy.

The few Dirathians whom existed in the Milky Way galaxy are believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago. Why remains unclear.

Physiology Edit

Few remains have been found of Dirathians and even after decades of research it has been difficult to tell what they looked like.

Currently most scientists in the galaxy agree that the Dirathians were a tall and slender reptilian species.

History Edit

Due to the extremely limited knowledge of the species, mostly based around artifacts, it has been hard to tell why or when the Dirathians came to the Milky Way.

So far scientists have found no intact Dirathian records and as such they can only theorize as to what drove the species here. Currently it is believed that the Dirathians were nomadic explorers, however some theorize that they fled from their own galaxy because of a great war or disease which ravaged it.

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