The Fists of Sol is a secretive anti-Sol group founded by Vexar Sword. They have managed to stay under the SDF's radar through stealthy tactics and a series of intensive purging campaigns to remove any disloyal members of the organization.

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Founded by Vexar Sword, the last surviving member of the Sword family, the Fists of Sol started out as a cult hidden on Nuroq in the year 2349.

Slowly the Fists of Sol grew, partially because of Vexar's natural charisma and ability to speak and partially because the hatred towards Sol the members shared.

The Fists eventually founded several shell corporations which they used to expand their influence within the galactic underworld while also keeping their real name a secret.

On Nuroq the population grew and a military force equipped with the latest tech was formed.

The Great Purge Edit

A internal conflict which took place in 2357, the Great Purge marks the event when Vexar rallied all the loyalists and ordered them to kill anyone on Nuroq who didn't believe in the cause.

Over the years some of Vexar's people had started to doubt the mission. They argued that they were better off without Sol and that they could easily go on in life without starting a war. Vexar disagreed. Pitting his people against one another, the loyalists majority conducted raids and mass arrests which all led to executions. Often on the streets.

It was a bloody campaign but it ensured unity within the Fists and anyone who still had doubts quickly abandoned such thoughts.

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