A nomadic species, the Haalsiani are divided into a number of smaller factions devoted to different spiritual beliefs.

Physiology Edit

Tall and slender the Haalsiani look alot like Humans.

However there's several differences between the two species, such as the pointy elf-like ears, smoother facial features and better reflexes and agility when compared.

Aside from visual differences all Haalsiani are capable of manipulating atoms at a smaller scale. These abilities are often mistaken for being somekind of magic or advanced nanite technology.

Female Haalsiani have longer ears than males. Male Haalsiani are often confused for being Upyri because of their eyes.

History Edit

No one really knows where the Haalsiani came from. The Haalsiani themselves aren't really sure and today smaller populations of this nomadic people can be found spread across the galaxy, often living onboard smaller transport ships or isolated planets such as Sawark.

Martial arts is a key element of the Haalsiani culture, just like hunting and gathering. These three aspects have made experts theorize wether the Haalsiani were originally from another galaxy however as of now there's no proof to support such theories.

Media Edit


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