Hollow's Strain is an interstellar nanite epidemic occurring around mid-40s to early 50s in the 25th Century. The Strain affects people who process nanites in their system and starts to shut down their internal body, along with the previous nanites injected. By 2490, Hollow's Strain has affected people by the billions, usually those who undergo nanite augmentation. Intergalactica reports that leading health institutes theorize the origins were first spawned from severe mutations as a form of instability or a new strand of nanite design that spawned from a mutation which started to overrule other nanite designs.

Stages Edit

There are four stages the strain advances within the individual's body. The earliest symptoms cause the victim to emit coughing, spreading the virus at it's peak and giving moderate muscle strain. In addition, fatigue is set in. The 2nd stage causes the victim to experience severe nausea and the immune system slowing down, which allows the nanites to invade freely. The individual may began to feel weak and "hollow."

The third stage reaches at it's climax, the victim shows a rapid development of cysts throughout their body and slow decay of the organ system. Total muscle strain in the individual kicks in as they experience extreme pain.

The fourth stage is the final accumulation of the virus, where the immune system shuts down and allowing the nanites take over, causing the victim to succumb to a slow death.

Carriers Edit

Although other species that can't be affected through the traditional process by Hollow's Strain, it is reported that anyone can carry the Strain and distribute the infection to others through close contact. These people are marked as "untainted."

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