Native to the dangerous tropical world of Honax Prime, the Kaxani are a humanoid species with squid-like properties.

Physiology Edit

Kaxani are of average builds and are neither too slim nor too bulky. The average length of a fully-grown Kaxani is usually around 170cm.

Their most iconic feature is their squid-like face. A Kaxan can have up to fifty facial tendrils, these tendrils are not (contrary to popular belief) useless decorations but are infact actual organs used to grab and filter food.

During hunting or combat, Kaxans may use their tendrils to strangle an unsuspecting target on close range.

History Edit

Once a isolated species the Kaxan were influenced by space pirates while they were still in their industrial age. Because the alien visitors had superior equipment the Kaxani had no other choice but to comply and obey their new masters.

Soon however it proved that the pirates could not handle the world of Honax and its dangerous climate which led to their numbers declining rapidly. Outnumbered thirty to one, the remaining pirates were killed by the Kaxan who used the pirate tech to form their own pirate federation.

Today the Kaxani hunt for lone vessels in the Eastern Quadrant, living as spacepirates themselves.

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