The Krogi are the natives of the planet Krogir Primaris. Due to the state of the northwestern quadrant (which is riddled with criminals and pirates) the Krogi are extremely aggressive towards outsiders.

Physiology Edit

With bodies very similar to a Human, the Krogi stand out because of their faces and skintones. Their skintones vary between blue, green, tan, yellow, grey and mixes of the aforementioned colors.

Krogi commonly have a fairly average build, males and females have similar traits (length, skintones, etc.) with the only difference being the reproduction organs.

They have two eyes, one mouth, one nose and two ears. Krogi have six digits on each hand.

History Edit

As sentient mammals the Krogi have established themselves as the prime species on Krogir Primaris. After supercharging through the industrial age and into the space age the Krogi quickly colonized the two neighbouring worlds of Krogir Secundus and Krogir Tertius.

Eventually the Krogi expanded inwards toward the center of the galaxy after living in isolation. Believing that they were the only sentient race their entire civilization was shocked when a exploration vessel came under attack by pirates.

After making first contact the pirates quickly descended on the outgunned (but not outnumbered) Krogi, preying on them in the search for slaves.

In 2231 the Krogi had grown tired of living in a society run by puppets, corrupt politicians and warring pirate captains wrestling for control of the abundant natural resources of the Krogi. They mounted a armed rebellion and won, forming the militaristic Krogir Federation to keep their worlds and system clean of pirate scum which surrounded them on every side.


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