Lexie 'Lex' Tendall is a former Naval Intelligence Officer (of the Upyri Navy's ONI division), now currently employed as a Bounty Collection Bureau Broker. Naturally talented with dealing with various information and data (further enhanced by the cybernetic augmentations to her brain she received during her ONI years), she's a valuable resource for bounty hunters as well as eager contractors.

History Edit

Lex was born on the militarized, secondary Upyri homeworld of Hemera. She excelled in school, doing well enough that the Upyri military took notice. She was offered a position in the intelligence branch of the Upyri Federation Navy, which she took without hesitation. There, she used her immense intellect and technical skills to boost herself up the ranks until she was selected to be part of the Upyri Office of Naval Intelligence. Over a period of eight years, she covertly gathered intelligence on both allies and enemies alike before being offered yet another position. The position of bounty broker for the newly formed Bounty Collection Bureau, which had been formed cooperatively by other races and empires in attempt to reign in the number of various criminals and cultists that had spawned over the years.

Her superiors promptly pushed her to take the position, as she was WELL suited for the position, and could help represent the Upyri Federation in the organization. She agreed, and has been with the B.C.B. for going on 49 Terran years.

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