The Oxioni are a species of humanoid reptilians hailing from the now barren world of Oxios.

Due to the state of their homeworld and their violent history the Oxioni species emigrated primarily to a new life on the Pentagon Station, living under the Oxioni Galactic Trade Coalition.

Physiology Edit

Oxioni are tall and slender. They have five digits on each hand and three toes on each foot. Their body is covered with frog-like skin capable of absorbing moisture and regulating the temperature of their bodies.

Because of the many and vast oceans on their homeworld the Oxioni have evolved to function undersea and can swim for hours without the need for air.

Their mouths consist of two upper mandibles and one lower one. All three mandibles open during feeding however only the upper ones (who are lined with five rows of teeth each on the rear) are used to chew.

History Edit

Relatively tall and slender as a result of the slighlty lower gravity on their homeworld the Oxioni are naturally adept at handling technology and before they nearly warred themselves into extinction their many nations invented amazing technologies of which some can only be desribed as to be the work of gods.

Eventually the Oxioni came to fight a brutal civil war due to the unstable power balance on their world. Unlike a conventional conflict where forces rely on better training and equipment to defeat their opponents the Oxioni civil war was a race against the clock to see who could launch the most superweapons before going underground.

After this disastrous conflict most of Oxion was barren and roughly eighty percent of the population had died which led the Oxioni to look to the stars for salvation.

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