An insectoid race that once held a powerful and dominant empire within the outer reaches that bordered the southwestern-northwestern region of space.

Now, they are divided and scattered among the various powers within the galaxy's criminal underworld. Their once great Empire was lost to vicious infighting after the Empire suffered a devastating defeat at the hands UNGDF, UGC, and several third-party opponents.

Most Ra'locs either live in isolated conclaves in the southwestern-northwestern border with few coexisting in the wider intersteller commmutiy, usually keeping to themselves. Through a notable minority have taken to living a lonely existence within the renegade quadrant and other dens of depravity, operating as assassins, hired guns and bounty hunters. Generally, they always prefer to hunt Human or Upyri targets.


The Ra'locs are a predominantly insectoid species that processes a unique biological affinity to organic augmantation that allows the Ra'loc to take a massive arrary of varied body shapes and forms.

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