The Seltran are a species of humanoids that originated in the planet Sela. They are mostly located in the Southern  

Quadrant of the Milky Way. The Seltran Alliance is the primary faction gathered by several nations. They are a deeply spiritual species dedicated to finding peace within. Through their definition has always varied from century to century, finding themselves embroiled in civil wars and massive economic inequality.  

Physiology Edit

The Seltran's skin is comprised of a blue complexion ranging from pale blue to dark blue. Their skin is cold to the touch, a smooth texture that implies they descended from underwater. Their shape resembles the human body but differs in slender limbs and processing only four fingers on each hand.  

The Seltran's head has a full set of hair, but on close up has a supernatural aura. In specific areas, hair acts as a sense to certain emotions such as anger, pain and sadness. They had long ears stretched outwards. Similar to the Ayr, they process no mouth, only two nostrils and a flat nose to breath and smell.  

A Seltran can easily breathe underwater for an extended time, some measured that one can last up to a month before they suffer severe edema. Infamous cases of this are told in the stories of suicide where Seltrans would enter the sea for long periods of time, bodies floating in the water three months later. A Seltran's lifespan is determined by health and diet. People have argued that eating natural foods such as fruits and meat from Sela is a necessity for a longer life. Meanwhile, there are some records that long living Seltran have practiced spiritual medication and isolate themselves from civilization, maintaining mental health.  

History Edit

Traces of the Modern Seltran arrived in 1580, settling in tribes and dynasties that have made a long-lasting impact to their race's cultures and survival. The first recorded dynasty was the Sejo Clan, a family of conquerers who bought a stable kingdom together that practiced hunting and gathering. But when the Sejo Clan enforced the wealth and food would be mostly for the Clan themselves, this led to a food inequality where the people had no good access and if one stole from the grain farms they would be executed on the spot. The first uprising razed the Sejo Palace after a decade of rule.

Early Seltrans were nomadic, finding regions elsewhere to call home. They scattered outwards to settle in diverse biomes that differed such as forests, jungles, or isles. This would prove a major benefit to trade as Early Seltran developed a major trade route that exported crops and goods never seen before.


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