Terra (formerly known as Earth) is the birthplace of the Human race and capital of the Sol System Government.

Climate Edit

Terra is a temperate world with a wide range of different biomes depending on the continent. There are green fields, arid deserts, grey tundras and snowy arctic fields.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Terra is as diverse as it is widespread, a result of the industrialization.

Notable Locations Edit

Terranos Edit

Capital of Terra, Terranos was built from the ground up at the end of 2070 following World War III.

It is located in the southern parts of former Germany.

SSG Council Chambers Edit

Located at the center of Terranos it is home to the Sol System Government, the council chambers is where the High Councilor and the rest of the Sol System Council discuss important state affairs and other matters.

Clarity Point Monument Edit

At the center of Unity Square there is a monument in the shape of a sphere with a flag ontop. On the surface of the sphere are the names of the billions of people who died during the third world war. The monument serves as a reminder to never repeat the same mistake while also honoring the EASDI, MKA and AAWP soldiers who laid down their arms, ending the war.

Unity Square Edit

Built infront of the Council Chambers, Unity Square was built following the Sol Unification to celebrate the event and honor the memory of those who died during the conflict.

SDF Central Command Edit

A militaristic skyscraper the SDF CenCom building is the headquarters for the SDF. It is a hundred stories tall and feature advanced security mechanisms.

SSOID Headquarters Edit

A onyx-colored structure with a blank surface the SSOID HQ is as beautiful as it is mysterious. It is home to the SSOID administration.

SISP Headquarters Edit

Described as a "oversized police station" the SISP HQ manages all administrational aspects of the Sol Inter-System Police.

Media Edit

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