The Trilothians is one of three species that represents the Venblatri Consortium. Infamous for their rapid breeding the Trilothian population within the Consortium make up 56% of the population on Du.

Physiology Edit

Slender and short the Trilothians posses the ability to change their skin color depending on the mood. Two other remarkable features include their third eye, which can rotate independently of their two other eyes as well as their ability to breed/reproduce at a rapid rate.

History Edit

While neither scientifically gifted or militarily skilled the Trilothians have the numbers on their side. Populating most of the continents on Du the Trilothians are known for their expansive nature.

As the Venblatri Consortium formed the Trilothians were employed as laborers. Quick and eager to learn they have also adapted to fill more advanced roles such as engineers, miners and many more.

The Trilothians treat their Blakari and Venatorian neighbours with respect.

Media Edit