A race of horrifying primordial creatures with unnatural abilities bordering on witchcraft and sorcery the Valnax are a fearsome species of sentient predators.

Physiology Edit

Found in four primary variations with each fullfilling a crucial role of Valnax society, the Valnax generally stand three meters tall minimum and some have been observed to grow as tall as five meters, making them stand out.

Valnaxi have no eyes and instead rely on echolocation and sophisticated odor tracking (smelling) capabilities.

In Valnax society their language consists mostly of primitive growls and other horrifying sounds however they are capable of proper speech when taught.

History Edit

While they are indeed sentient the Valnax posses no advanced technology or social structure.

They rely on a form of biological technology equal to post-industrialization tech built by Humans.

Based around a "strenght system", the Valnax advance in society by brutally killing and eating their opponents. Valnax can also earn the respect of others, forming tribes that work tgether as a pack.

While the UGC has banned any advanced species from interacting with the Valnax untill they manage to develop technology for space flight this haven't stopped either pirates or criminals from abducting Valnaxi as exotic pets and/or muscle for their crews.

Thankfully the Valnax are not easy to conquer and many captains and crimelords have found themselves consumed alongside their crew after trusting their vicious captive slightly too much. The UGC and other authorities, such as the Frontier Militia, actively work to return Valnax auxiliaries found stranded in space.

However some Valnaxi choose to remain in the galaxy, seeing as a second chance at life without the fear of being eaten these rare members of society occuppy all kinds of jobs on fringe worlds and backwater colonies.

Media Edit