A warlike reptilian species, the Venatorians is one out of three member species representing the Venblatri Consortium.

Physiology Edit

Tall and strong the Venatorians are predators by nature. Their strong physique, powerful jaws, sharp claws and teeth as well as natural infrared vision make them apt hunters.

Venatorians come in many colors with green and grey being the most common one.

History Edit

One out of three sapient species on the planet Du the Venatorians were feared by their neighbours for many decades. While not scientifically gifted the Venatorians were by far the best militarily equipped, giving them an edge over their Blakari and Trilothian neighbours.

When the Venblatri Consortium was formed the Venatorians were tasked with maintaining a standing army and ensuring the safety and sovereign rule of Du.

Outside of the Venblatri Consortium Venatorians are commonly encountered as mercenaries and pirates.

Media Edit